Lansing, MI

Handcrafted with the highest quality resources we can source regionally

We take pride in using local ingredients

inventive, hand-crafted spirits of remarkable quality.

In Our Tasting Room...

Taste our spirits, get handcrafted cocktails, purchase bottles, & have some tasty snacks.

Bourbon Whiskey

Aromas of brown sugar, clove and maple, with remarkable flavors of vanilla, marzipan, caramel, raisin, and fig.


A remarkably approachable American-style gin, painstakingly crafted with a unique botanical selection.


We proudly produce this vodka from the finest wheat, resulting in a bright and crisp spirit with a remarkably clean finish.

Malt Whiskey

Remarkable aromas of toasted cereal, maple, and honey, with flavors of toast, mocha, toffee, and cinnamon.

Cocktail Recipes


See what makes us the best cocktail bar in Lansing.

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