Small Batch

Signature Malt Whiskey

Handcrafted with the finest grain that can only be found in Michigan Agriculture

Signature Malt Whiskey


Alc. By Vol.





Our Signature Malt blend shows remarkable aromas of toasted cereal, maple, and honey, with flavors of toast, mocha, toffee, and cinnamon.

We use world class local grains

Our distiller’s sense of sight, taste & smell are used to evaluate our small batch process to ensure quality.

Made from 80% locally sourced light Munich and 20% honey malt, this unique blend of ingredients rests in 15 gallon barrels to create a robust Signature Malt whiskey uniquely American Fifth.

Signature Malt Whiskey

Cocktail Recipies

Try these cocktails and creations inspired by our Signature Malt Whiskey.

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