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Do you have food?
We have snacks and finger foods. We feature Boss Mouse artisan cheese, Cravings Popcorn and Whipped Bakery desserts. Click to check out our current menu.

Do you offer Distillery tours?
Yes, we offer free distillery tours at 5 minutes and 35 minutes after the hour. Ask your server about the next available tour when you come in.

Is there parking available?
We have a small parking lot for 15 cars on the north side of the Distillery. If that is full, additional parking is available across the street in front of Cooley Law School Stadium. Lubnuts’ parking lot is open every weekday after 5:00 PM and all day Saturday, unless there is a baseball game or other event at the stadium.

Do you ship spirits?
We are unable to ship our spirits directly to you. If you are in the state of Michigan, your favorite local liquor store can (and should) order our spirits for you.

Are you a Tasting Room or a bar?
We are a manufacturer of spirits, and accordingly, Michigan law requires us to only serve spirits we produce. We offer tasting flights and hand-crafted cocktails. What makes us different is a bar can order triple sec or coffee liqueur, if they need it for a recipe. We get to make it from scratch to our specifications of quality and flavor.

Do you offer free tastes?
Only on Saturday from noon to 5:00 PM.

How do you come up with the cocktails on your menu?
Every Saturday at noon, we have our BevDev (Beverage Development) session. This is lead by our staff and is a constructive environment for cocktail development. Fresh, seasonal ingredients are brought in and only the best tasting cocktails will make the menu. The most amazing part of this process is the public is invited to taste our experiments for only $5. Check out this month’s Signatures!