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Revealing the Mysteries of the Brain

Revealing the Mysteries of the Brain

April 18,2019 7:00pm

Join us to discover how new technologies are uncovering the hidden workings of the brain and mind.

We wonder about the jelly in our heads that generates our thoughts and feelings. Recently, President Obama announced the BRAIN (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) initiative, intended to be a ‘moonshot’ project to understand how the brain makes and shapes the mind. What will this project do? How do we try to measure brain activity? How does that help us understand how our minds work?

Presented by Dr. Mark Reimers, Associate Professor in the Neuroscience Program at MSU.

This is a featured event of the MSU Science Festival’s Science Cafe and Pub Series. Learn more about this event and others at https://sciencefestival.msu.edu/Event/Featured/8