Salad Shooter

HUE Vodka, McClary’s Beet & Carrot Shrub, tomato juice and a black pepper rim.

Southern Sweet Tea

Tea syrup, simple syrup and HUE Vodka blended with tea and topped with a lemon garnish.

Penobscot Bay

HUE Vodka, cranberry juice, and tart cherry juice, garnished with lime.

Green With Envy

A delicious mix of HUE Vodka, ginger beer, and green apples create a crisp, refreshing cocktail.

Rosemary Breeze

HUE Vodka complete with housemade rosemary infused grapefruit juice.

Ginger Lime-N-Ade

HUE Vodka and ginger lime mix garnished with lime for a refreshingly alternative taste to lemonade.

Rocket Pop

A patriotic blend of HUE Vodka, cherry juice, lemonade and blue curaçao.