Category: Yuzu Vodka

Not Your Mama’s Margarita (23% ABV)

American Fifth Agave Lime Liqueur, American Fifth Cucumber Basil Vodka, American Fifth Habanero Vodka, American Fifth Yuzu Vodka, fresh lime juice, house-made simple syrup, cayenne pepper, salt

Brooke Shields (13.1% ABV)

American Fifth Blue Curacao, American Fifth Yuzu Vodka, coconut cream, house-made simple syrup, fresh lime juice

Grapefruit G&T (16.6% ABV)

American Fifth Summer Gin, American Fifth Yuzu Liqueur, Fentiman’s Grapefruit Tonic, house-made simple syrup, house-made citrus bitters

Hootie HUE-zu

Yuzu HUE Vodka, house-made basil/lemongrass syrup, freshly-squeezed lime juice, basil, tonic.

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