Category: Basil Lemongrass Syrup

Hootie HUE-zu

Yuzu HUE Vodka, house-made basil/lemongrass syrup, freshly-squeezed lime juice, basil, tonic.

Right You Are, Basil (21.7% ABV)

Yuzu HUE Vodka, American Fifth Spirits Ginger Liqueur, fresh squeezed lemon juice, house-made basil/lemongrass simple syrup, basil leaves, tonic

Cereal Milk Mustache Ride

HUE Vodka, half & half, house-made jack fruit syrup, house-made basil/lemongrass syrup, house-made fruit simple syrup.

Capital Blush

Blue Capital Gin, house-made basil-lemongrass syrup, fresh lime juice.

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