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Blog 1 – Whiskey

Every week we will be sharing our thoughts about the whiskey we are making and barreling. We are extremely passionate about whiskey and everything about it, and we want to bring the knowledge we’ve obtained over the years to you! Along with these blogs where we really map out what we are experiencing, we are also filming vlogs for our YouTube channel. Because what goes better with a Blog than a Vlog? We know everyone likes to learn differently, so that’s why we wanted to bring a visual to pair with the information that we’re sharing here. In this blog we’ll be going over our first two whiskey choices, with notes given by Rick and Kars.

The first whiskey we tasted was the Spartan Malt. It was aged for seven months and is 121 proof. The nose of the whiskey, which is the smell, is first fruity, and almost floral. Rick describes the nose as the scent of honeysuckle. Then we go to tasting. Spartan Malt has a smooth taste, with hints of the fruity nose we experienced. Kars noted that this whiskey has an earthy sweetness to it. With water it is very smooth and easy to drink. It has a taste that is long lasting, which is almost similar to that of bread. Spartan Malt is a gold toned whiskey, and one that will be a feature in the coming months.

The next whiskey we will discuss in this blog is the Wheat whiskey. This whiskey has been aged 21 months and is 123 proof. The Wheat whiskey is a dark honey color. The nose of the Wheat is nutty at first. The whiskey turned from a nutty nose to a creamy, honeycomb-esque taste. Rick also noted that the taste is mealy, and sherry. Unlike the Spartan Malt, the Wheat whiskey has a medium-lasting finish.

Stay tuned with our next installment of the vlog/blog where we talk about two more whiskey choices! If you have any questions about the two mentioned feel free to contact us and ask away.