Carrot Cake

Mixing 100% Carrot Juice with our Vanilla infused HUE Vodka, American Fifth Clove Liqueur and Cinnamon Infused Fat Five White Whiskey. It’s the Easter Bunny’s dream, Carrot Cake in liquid form.

1 oz Vanilla HUE Vodka
1/4 oz American Fifth Spirits Clove Liqueur
1/4 oz Cinnamon Fat Five White Whiskey
2 oz carrot juice
3/4 oz half & half
1/2 oz American Fifth Spirits Barrel‐aged maple syrup

Build all ingredients, except half & half, in iced shaker. Stir. Strain into neat rocks glass. Add half & half to same shaker. Shake. Float on top. Garnish with a dash of nutmeg.

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