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Laura Zaryski

How long have worked at American Fifth? Since before we were a tasting room, and still just a hazardous construction site-Feb 2015

Favorite Cocktail: I like my whiskey like I like my men; strong and neat.

Best cocktail bar you have ever been to and why? Constantly on the search for the next best place, but as of now my friends in Tallahassee are doing great things at “Liberty Bar”- Shout out to Dana, Warren, Thomas, Ric, and Jag. Y’all are upping the ante in artisan cocktail culture.

Favorite cocktail story: Is this also my most embarrassing moment? I’ll save that for when you come in for a drink… However, recently a customer told me one of my recipes was the best cocktail they’ve ever had, that’s my favorite. That’s the goal!