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Orations and Libations

Orations and Libations

June 22,2017 7:00pm

Our Continuing Lecture Series That Will Make You Smarter and Taste Good, too.

We Need Bees: The Plight of the Pollinator

Speaker: Jackie Albert, Graduate Student, Department of Entomology, Michigan State University

We will be discussing:

  • What is a Bee – differences between bees and other insects, the diversity of bees and different types of bee homes
  • Why are bees important – pollination basics, bees and food, bees and the ecosystem and honey bee products
  • Why are bees in danger? – disease, lack of habitat, pesticides and toxins, etc.
  • How can you help bees thrive? –  the creation of habitat and nest-boxes, non-traditional lawns, and raising awareness

Admission is free of charge!